Yläpihan tila has now its own English speaking website for our foreign visitors. We have opened this website to tell you about  our action. Ylapiha Farm is located in eastern Finland; Valtimo Northern Karelia. Hakkinen family has been living here since 1600:s. Important part of our action is taking care of our cultural envinronment.

Visitor's notice

Ylapiha is an old family farm in Valtimo North Karelia Finland. It is inherited from the 1600 century. The Farm is a valuable cultural envinronment due to its building heritage and the long-distance view of the handsome. The Ylapiha is a crop farm. A summer cafe and a home museum are also in the tradition yard. There is a Flea Market, a farm shop and Bed&Breakfast in the old log building. 

The Farm Shop has handicrafts, books, greeting cards, homemade pasties and garden products for sale. Outdoors with a handsome view. 

Our magnificant views are worth while coming here. The landscaping project continues. There finds finds an ancient Orthodox Graveyard Vastasmannikko in our lands. In middle of the Graveyard locates Itkukivi (Crying Stone). Ancient people has gone to mourn for desceased beloved to Crying Stone. 

Our Summer Cafe is open daily 1.6 - 31.8.2020 at 12.00 am to 4.00 pm. Welcome!

We are open also in Advent time, in winter holiday, in Easter and another festival seasons.

We belong Visit Karelia Finland. Look www.visitkarelia.fi Yläpihan Tila Valtimo. Visit Karelia's landscape village route goes via Ylapiha Farm. Look details from their website. We are also in LinkedIn. Follow us https://www.linkedin.com/in/yläpihan-tila-b587b3187

More pictures nearby our farm you can find in Instagram @sivakkaphotos.

You can help us to taking care of a Finnish traditional landscape. Donate us. Our bank account is FI40 3939 0057 0842 95. Even a little amount will help us to our important task. We thank you!


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Happy New Year 2020

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Merry Christmas and a Happy new year

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Ylapiha Farm Christmas Calendar

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Ylapiha Farm joined LinkedIn

05/09/2019 11:38
You can follow us on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/yläpihan-tila-b587b3187

Good news!

05/09/2019 10:46
Our homepage can now be updated with a smartphone. Follow our site! This photo has been taken last...

Harvest Market at Ylapiha Farm 14.9.

05/09/2019 10:14
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